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Super Bloom

April 09, 2017  •  3 Comments

After all the winter rain, spring has arrived with a super bloom at the desert.

It is said that it hasn't been like this since 2005.

So to the desert we went!

I left hubby and kids at home and took a ride with friends at this journey.

We were not sure where to go so we parked at a spot where we saw lots of cars and people.  At this first stop we didn't find much, a few flowers and some cactus, most of them still blooming.

A bit further ahead we found this metal sculptures. There were a big variety of animals and critters and we stopped at the ones we found were the most interesting.

Then we went to a different location, the official super bloom spot at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Not surprisingly we were not the only ones, the car line was huge at every direction and police was there trying to coordinate the flow. We decided to park as soon as we found a spot and walked. 

But we didn't see all that endless field of flowers as we saw on the news. We could kept walking further away to find it but at the scorching desert heat nobody was on the mood, so we were all happy with what we got.

From there we went to another place: Slot Canyon.

It was a bit tricky to find it but we made it.

I fell down on my butt and elbow on my first attempt to hike it down, I confess I'm not a hiker and I was trying to make it with my camera, an umbrella and a water bottle. I almost gave up going down but after leaving my camera and umbrella in the car my friend convinced me to try a different trail. It was worth it! It was nice to see all the formations and trying to guess what was going around examining some rock and water marks. And, it was much cooler down there.

So after the canyon we started to head home and tried to make a pit stop at Julian for some apple pie, again we were not the only ones with this idea and gave up when we saw the huge lines to get into the stores while looking for a place to park. We tried again at some shops on the way near Ramona but they were also very popular. So our only option was to go home.

A few weeks after I did the Hot Chocolate race again, like last year I ran 15k in preparation for the Rock n'Roll Half Marathon in June. Last year I injured my left ankle before the big race and didn't recover on time for it, hopefully I'll make it this year!


To finish, April 6th its our anniversary and every year since our wedding we take a family picture. I have an album dedicated to it on my personal Facebook page showing all the evolution. This year we reached the 15 years mark and included Ginger, our puppy ❤

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I am hoping to see this super bloom this weekend. How fun! I heard it is spectacular. And way to go on the run! You are an inspiration. Love the family photo too!
Aubree Larsen(non-registered)
That looks like so much fun and your photos are stunning!!!
Chloé Lagier(non-registered)
I really enjoyed your story and to see the desert in bloom - IT LOOKS FANTASTISC. Well done on the run. I used to do half-marathon trail runs all the time, but do to injuries I haven't been able to move at all for the past long time. I still dream about getting back out on my beloved trails.
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