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Four Seasons

February 10, 2017  •  6 Comments

The weather has been very eclectic lately, in the past month I've seen rain, cold, haze, fog, frost, wind and sunshine.

It's rained so much that our paved backyard turned green and mushrooms started to pop all over.


Last month Ginger had her first encounter with the ocean, this month she had her first with hail


Then the sun was out again and a friend invited to go hiking to the Potato Chip Rock. I took my best buddy with me!

There was a huge line to climb up the rock for a picture, we decided to skip it for a next time.

But I took a picture of someone else on it :-)

Next day another hiking invitation, this time with gorgeous beach views!


Last weekend I took my daughter to a birthday party where all the girls made a flower crown, now I feel like Springtime!


To finish, a selfie with my other half hair buddy!


This blog post is part of the 10 on 10 circle of women photographers, please follow along starting with Jen Baxter, a big welcome to our new contributor!




Jen Baxter(non-registered)
What a nice way to document the month!
It looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing more and being part of the 10-on-10 group.
What a great way to capture the seasons - even if they all happen in one short month! ;) Beautiful photos and I am in love with Ginger! If I ever meet you I may steal her for a bit. hehe. :)
Your daughter and dog both look so cute in these photos. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy February.
Kristina Rust(non-registered)
So nice to see the sun again, isn't it? What a wonderful area you live in to have these gorgeous hiking trails. That Potato Chip rock looks scary. I think I would have skipped it. :) And I love the photo of your daughter with the flower crown and her braces peeking out from her smile. She's adorable.
Trine Lise Nilsen(non-registered)
Hi Luciane,
You look so strong and sporty - and I love your T-shirt "Challenge Yourself" <3

And your daughter, what a sweetie with the flower crown. I started to feel like spring too looking at her :-)

Wishing you lots of love for Valentine´s Day and through out February

Till next time,

Love from Trini in Norway
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