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July 09, 2016  •  3 Comments

Here we are again: summer break, 2 overwhelmed kids, LAX, lots - really lots - of people and we are on our way to Brazil.

Since I was going to travel as a single mom (hubby is home working), I decided to go for a direct flight to São Paulo, an expected 12h journey. After 15h, we arrived. Due to fog we couldn't land, had to fly in circles for 1h, had to land in another city to refuel and then proceed to our final destination.

While still in USA many people asked me how is summer in Brazil right now. Well, United States is in the north hemisphere, Brazil is in the south, which means when is summer in one is the opposite in the other, so in Brazil is wintertime now.

Well, not really, not everywhere, even nature got confused and outside looks like... spring!


On our very first saturday we went to a typical Brazilian party called June Festival, a party to celebrate the nativity of St John. I used to attend this party every year until I left Brazil and I wanted the kids to experience a bit of it.

Typical decoration


Enjoying his favorite brazilian snack!


Typical game


Typical costume


After a few days with family and friends get togethers we spent the day in a nearby city famous for its giant things: Itu. So famous that when something is really big, here in Brazil we say that it's from Itu. Kids had fun and were happy to pose after bribing them with giant pens and pencils.

Giant pay phone


Giant chair (and giant pen)


Checking giant souvenirs while wearing giant cap


Another giant pay phone


Giant shoes


Giant cotton bud


Well, the list of giant things go on and on, but while walking around the city we also found some nice spots for pictures.

In front of a local house




Inside the "Museum of Republic"


Street art


We had lunch at a famous german restaurant called Steiner!


After a few days in the state of São Paulo we went to where my in laws live, in the country side of Paraná state. We went to a friends place for a playdate.

Every time we go visit them I take this picture, so I did it again (top) and found the one taken in 2014 (bottom). I also have one from 2011 but don't have the file with me right now.


Catarina, the pet chicken, in 2014 and now


Selfies and things



All pictures were taken with either iPhone6 or Nikon D90 with a cheap kit lens.

This blog post is part of the 10 on 10 circle of women photographers, please follow along to check each one of us starting with Bonnie




What a wonderful trip. I love all the photos. It is hard to believe it is winter still looks nice and warm. The festival photos are colorful. It looks like you all had a great trip. And kudos to you for traveling so far with your kids on your own. :)
Oh, thank you so much for sharing your part of the world. This seems like lots of fun. I enjoy looking at the "Too big" things :-) And the project from the doll´s house is awesome, and I guess the girls will love it more and more the older they get :-) And one day you will have to do it with grandchildren ;-)

Lot´s of love from Norway :-)
Loved it! Enjoy! Miss y'all!!!
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