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Spring Break

May 09, 2016  •  5 Comments

Another so much waited spring break came back and with it so many new adventures!

On the very first day my brother arrived from Japan, where he was attending a medical conference, and on his way back to Brazil decided to stop over to spend a few days with the kids.

It was his first springtime here so we couldn't miss taking him to the flower fields.

We had fun getting lost inside the sweet pea maze

Ice cream and spring break: what a perfect combination!

Another new place for my brother was Julian. Luckily we went there on a weekday so parking was easy, we could choose the restaurant we wanted (on other times I had been there we had to eat wherever we found a place to sit) and of course, he tried an apple pie with ice cream! Not forgetting to visit the local shops, with their unique decorations and wide variety of products to see and buy.

Kids being kids when they found these funky chairs in front of this nice local shop.

These were only 2 days of our spring break, we also went twice to Sea World (with 15 roller coaster rides!), went go karting, to Balboa Park, shopping mall, had lunch with friends and many more.

This blog post is part of a 10 on 10 circle of women photographers. We all live in different places, have different lifestyles and see the world in our own unique way. Please follow along with each one starting with Trine and her amazing pictures from Norway.

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Carlos Eduardo Steiner(non-registered)
Those were really amazing days with the family. I loved my first time Californian spring experience - hope to come again in this season!
Wonderful photos Luca! Your kids have the most beautiful eyes, so expressive. I love the flower fields - especially those sweet peas:)

San Diego has so many great things to do, I'm sure your brother appreciated his time with you all.
How fun that your brother got to visit you on his way back home. I'm sure he had a great time with you all as is evident from your beautiful photos. Love those flower fields! WOW!
Kim Bajorek(non-registered)
Luca! So glad you got to the flower fields and with your brother. And I'm sure he loved Julian too! I have a greater appreciation of your photos of your daughter, as I know she does not sit still! Thank you for sharing these! Let's please get together soon. I have an idea for a photo with you!
Wow! Your flower fields looks amazing, I can almost smell it over here :-) And I can see that your children really enjoyed the time with their uncle - so much fun :-D I love the picture with the tractor, because it brings so much energy out from the screen. I also love the way you change your depth of field in the images to show different focus. Thank you for sharing your vacation <3

Lot´s of love from Norway

PS! Thank you for your kind words in the end ;-)
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