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January 10, 2016  •  4 Comments

Years ago when we moved to San Diego my son told me: I can't wait for Xmas to see the snow! Poor little boy, little he knew that we don't have snow in San Diego... I felt frustrated for him.

Years have passed and with them so many winters, so many promises and attempts to go see the snow. 

Then a few months ago one brave friend organized a big group from our circle to spend Xmas together in a hotel in Lake Arrowhead. We didn't think twice to join the party: for the fun with friends, to visit a new place and the high chance to see snow. Together our group booked 12 rooms! 

My dad and my brother arrived a few days before this trip. We have been planning to spend this Xmas together since 2014, way before my dad had his accident (luckily he was able to make it!). Our last Xmas together was in 2007, when my son was only 2 years old and my daughter wasn't even born yet.

We arrived at the Lake on the Xmas Eve. We had a very nice feast, then Santa came and gave presents to all kids. While they were busy with their new toys the adults had a secret Santa game, where we all had a lot of fun exchanging presents.

The big surprise came when we were already back to our room, getting ready to sleep: it started snowing! Quickly we went outside to play, as it all started and ended very fast.

Next day we were off to snow tubing. 

The winding road on the way to the park was beautiful with lots of frozen trees.

The tubing park was full and we had to wait long time in line to get in. But after all we had a blast! And what a legs workout climbing up the frozen stairs again and again carrying 2 tubes every time (one for me, one for my daughter)!



Later that night another surprise: more snow! Again we rushed outside to play and snap some more pictures!

Next day we went to a ski resort but it was so windy they had to close the lifts. The only way to do it was hiking up the mountain. It was 23F (-5C) but because of the wind it felt like 5F (-15C), too cold! We decided to abort the mission but first went to the cafeteria to warm up our frozen bones.

Back to the lake we had lunch and a brief walk around the village before heading back to the hotel.

Spending this Xmas with my dad and brother and such a beloved group of friends made it very special and unforgettable. 

I wish for 2016 that we keep celebrating family ties and friendship in a happy atmosphere like this one was.

In Brazil we say that good things are ephemeral. The holidays are now over, kids are back to school, my dad and brother are back home. But one thing is for sure: these are memories to cherish forever ♥

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Kristina Rust(non-registered)
Looks like you had a beautiful Christmas. Your snow play photos are terrific. I love how you edited them. And I love the photo of the boat dock. Happy New Year!
Connie Hanks(non-registered)
Oh sweet friend, sounds like you had an absolutely amazing Christmas! I'm so happy for you and your words are so heartfelt <3 I love the images you shared, especially the one of you with your papa! And I adore the ones of the kiddos - they're getting so big! Would love to see you soon! Wishing you a phenomenal 2016 filled with more cherished memories :)
It was a great Xmas indeed!!!!!
Happy new year :-) And thank you for sharing your very special Christmas with us. It seems like you had a fabulous holiday. I love your snow pictures :-) And most of all your Brazilian saying I really will treasure for ever.

Love from Trini in Norway
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