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September 09, 2015  •  3 Comments

I spent the whole month of August away, on an unplanned trip to Brazil, looking after my dad who collapsed due to a blood pressure drop. He suffered a head trauma, memory loss, cuts and bruises.

After spending days in hospital, we started his recovery at home. The first few days were the hardest. He was quiet, listless, showing no emotion.

With little improvements day after day, he got better and stronger.

He still have liquid between his brain and the skull, doctor said it's normal and it could take up to 6 months post trauma for it to be fully absorbed. He also has problems with his short term memory, confuses names and addresses but other than these he is having a near to normal life.

My brother is preparing a new and bigger apartment for both of them move in together. He is 79 and has been living by himself since my mom passed away 3 years ago.

I barely went out during my stay in Curitiba, my hometown in the south of Brazil. But on a sunny day, when dad was feeling well, we took him for some fresh air in one of my city's beautiful parks.

This is the Botanical Garden. The greenhouse on the background resembles the Crystal Palace in London and is one of the city's landmark.


It's almost Springtime in Brazil and the city is blooming!


My brother and dad. His left eye was still a bit bruised


A bit of the city skyline from the top of the greenhouse. Curitiba has a population of 1.8 million people.


It warmed my heart when he started showing affection again ♥

There's also a lake with carps, birds and turtles

This is an Araucaria, the symbol tree of Paraná (State which Curitiba is the capital).

This is how a fully grown Araucaria looks like

These are the seeds

We cook, peel and eat! They are tasty and very popular on wintertime.

Another popular tree and very beautiful at this time of the year: yellow ipê

Here is a fully grown one

It wasn't easy to leave my home and family behind for 5 weeks. Then it was hard to walk away from my dad and come back home. Life can't be perfect. I'm glad I was there.

All pictures were taken with my old Nikon D90 and a 24-55mm kit lens.

Thank you for visiting ♥

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I am glad your dad is doing better and you got to go visit and spend time with him. Thanks for sharing all these lovely photos. That arboretum is fantastic and your perspectives and compositions are wonderful.
I'm so glad your dad is doing better and that you were able to go home and see him. I'm sure it was hard to be away from your family. These photos are beautiful. The arboretum is gorgeous it reminds me of the one we have in San Francisco.
I'm so happy your Dad is ok and getting better everyday. It must have been very stressful for you getting the news and being so far away!

What a gorgeous city! The first photo with the arches leading to the gardens is amazing I love how you showed the tress, small and full grown and even their seeds. Thank you for sharing with us. I'd love to visit there and I've always wanted to learn to speak Portuguese
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