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June 09, 2015  •  6 Comments

The Rock N Roll Marathon Series is a very popular race in different parts of the world.

Chicago, Seattle, Liverpool, Los Angeles, Montréal, Madrid, Dublin, just to name a few cities.

Here in San Diego it happened on the last weekend of May. 

I registered myself, my son and my father in law for the 5k, just for fun.

With my son running I knew we wouldn't be running all the time and we weren't. But the most important was that we finished without cheating, it wasn't easy for him and he was all smiles when we crossed the finish line (we made it in 43 minutes) and very proud of his medal! He even wore it at school to show it to his teacher and friends. 

Everything was ready on the day before

6:45am and we are in the crowd waiting to start

The trophy!


After all the adrenaline from the race worn off it was time to try my new lens. Exactly, another one! I wasn't planning to spend any more money with lenses but I saw an image from a photographer I follow and fell in love with it! It's very artistic, all manual, it has gorgeous colors & bokeh and it can get really dramatic when you convert to BW. 

And a few more from the same day, same place but different lens

And these are also same day, camera still on hands, after my son's soccer game

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoyed this month's post! ♥

Please continue with the circle visiting Suzanne O'Brien, she is very talented and I can't wait to see what she is up to!




Bonnie Jakobsen-Martin(non-registered)
Congrats on finishing the 5K run. I love the race day pictures. you really captured the moment. Those photos with the new lens are fantastic. I, too, would love to know what the new lens is.
Stacey G.(non-registered)
Great job on the race, I love the detailed photos from it. So fun. I'm also curious about the lens - very has a swirl look to it. Thanks for sharing all your great pics!
Love that you did the 5k with your son, way to go! I'm also in love with the detail shot you took of his soccer shoes/socks - I have to get one of these post-game-dirty-knees-and-all soon, thanks for the inspiration. But that railroad shot with your girl and yummy lens - to die for. Worth the investment I say :)
Wow - I love your pictures. And I am so impressed that you finished your 5k run. Well done :-)
I am really curious about your new lens, interesting. But the pictures are so beautiful. I love the series in the park.
Kim B.(non-registered)
Nicely done, Luca! I so love your photography and want to know what the new lens is? Congratulations on doing the 5K and way to go on accomplishing this with your son and giving him that great sense of accomplishment! Beautiful images all the way around!!
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