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The Fields of Spring Break

April 09, 2015  •  8 Comments

It's here, it's official, it's Springtime! Spring has sprung!

It's warm (Ha, ha! Tell me something new!), flowers, colors, bees and allergy!

And, spring break!

No school for kids for one whole week and a busy schedule ahead: flower fields, strawberries field, dentist, movies, zoo, playdate, sleepover, theme park, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention that I decided to do a Lightroom Workshop starting this week!

It's bitter sweet, I'm not gonna lie. At the same time that everything is left behind (my daughter is sleeping on her big bro's bedroom because her bed is full of clothes to be folded), I love this extra time to spend with my kids, it's just one week and it goes so fast!

My plan was to have the week covered on this 10 on 10, but our first day was already so nice and fun that it was hard to pick only 10 images from this day alone, imagine for the whole week!

Since this first day was more seasonal and about things we don't normally do, I decided to go for only it!

We started our day at the Carlsbad Flower Fields, it's blooming, rows of flowers by colors. And ranunculus is one of my favorite flowers, I had to buy 2 bunches: I picked the pink, my daughter picked the rainbow!


We took a tractor ride up to the very top!


From the very top of the field



Yay! No bees around!


They are all so beautiful and colorful, hard to decide!


From the flower fields we went to the strawberries field, a very short drive. At the beginning the kids were not very happy with the "U pick" idea but guess what? They loved it! It was fun to "hunt" the perfect ones, easy to find and pull them, bees and bugs free, a bit muddy though (ouch! that reminds me our dirty shoes are still in the garage!). A bit pricey too, $20.00 for the big bucket but you know what? They are so fresh and sweet plus all the experience, it was worth it!


On your marks, ready, go!


Another bitter sweet: yummy strawberries x shoes to be cleaned! And look! There's a bit of me in the picture as I promised a couple of months ago!


At the end he became a strawberry expert!


And to finish, this same day was our anniversary, 13 years ago we got married on the Church with a big party for family and friends. Every year on this day we take a picture, at the beginning it was just hubby and I, now our family is complete. It's nice to see the kids growing up and us growing old. When hubby got home from work I put the camera on a tripod and here we are, the 2015 version of us!


Psst! Don't tell anyone! I forgot to change my son's bright yellow clothes, it didn't match with the rest of us so I converted the image to BW! Our secret OK?!


This blog post is part of a circle, please keep the circle alive starting with Stacey Griffin, let's see spring through her eyes!


Thank you for visiting and happy Spring! ♥





Connie Hanks(non-registered)
Such wonderful spring images, Luca! I love your beautiful perspective and gorgeous images! Your cutie pies bring such a fun and playful vibe to the scenery, too! Absolutely LOVE! Miss ya my dear! Hope to see you soon! xoxo
Stacey G.(non-registered)
Love your flower field and strawberry picking images! And, what a fun idea to do a self-family-portrait each year - perfect! Thanks for sharing.
Bonnie Jakobsen-Martin(non-registered)
That looks like a great day. Those flower fields are so amazing and your photos are great! The strawberry picking looks so fun and I agree, it's all about the experience. (BTW, I often have experiences where I have to coerce my kids to do something that they don't like the idea of only to turn out that the love it). Happy anniversary!
Kristina Rust(non-registered)
Looks like you had a fun week. Love the shots of your children in the fields of flowers colorful and gorgeous. And happy anniversary! The photo of all of you together is terrific! I love that you take a photo every year to commemorate this special day.
Kim Bajorek(non-registered)
Happy Anniversary, Luca! So glad you got to spend such quality time with your kids. And what an adventurous day with the flowers fields and then the strawberry fields. As usual, great shots. I especially like all the flowers on the table! And P.S. You and your hubby are not old! :)
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