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All about her ♥

March 14, 2015  •  5 Comments

March is the month of her birthday, my little baby just turned 6!

I always wanted to to be a mom of a boy and a girl, I'm so lucky to have them both!

She came to my life to make my world more pink. Oh well, that was BF (Before Frozen), now everything is in light blue! My son is not very happy because now the blue plates, blue cups, blue spoons, blue anything are hers, not his anymore!

A few days before her birthday was my birthday and my husband gave me a lensbaby. We went to the park to do a few test shots and I really fell in love with it, all the pictures came out so dreamy and moody, just like my daughter! This day I was also testing a rented lens, 50mm 1.4G, I hear a lot about the nifty-fifty I had to try it!

This month's post is dedicated to my baby, no words neither images can express the love I have for her ♥



At the beginning she was happy to pose! As always, brought one of her favorite toys!  { 50mm f/1.4 }


The cheetah and the kitten tights!  { 50mm f/1.4 }


Still happy...  { 50mm f/1.4 }


Waiting for a train ride  { 50mm f/2.0 }


The train ride was fun, we should do it again!  { 50mm f/1.4 }


Starting to face away from me  { 50mm f/1.4 }


Someone is getting moody and tired, I better hurry up! And this is the moment I fell in ♥ with  { lens baby } !


Moody, moody, moody!  { 50mm f/1.4 }


Totally lost her... but not the shot!  { lens baby }


My present was a new lens, hers was a new bike, Frozen blue, of course! And a new kitten helmet! ♥  { lens baby }


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Thank you for visiting ♥






These are all beautiful images. What a sweet little girl you have. Happy Bday to her! I have a lens baby too and now am motivated to break it out again for a little fun. Which one do you have? I have the 35 Sweet Optic. And I agree with Bonnie, great job for a first time use. It took me awhile to get the hang of it. :)
Kim Bajorek(non-registered)
Luca, these are so good! I'm so happy that you got a lensbaby...we will have to go out shooting together using just lensbabies! I very much like the images you took with that and I'm quite amazed, actually. Your girl did an amazing job as model. I love all the angles and space in your portraits..Thank you for sharing! <3
Wonderful images! I especially adore the very first portrait - her outfit, the smile & the red background. Also the profile shot is gorgeous... The lensbaby effect is so cool!
What a lovely post. I am amazed that you just got a lens baby and already have such great results. I tried a lens baby once (it was borrowed) and I was not able to get the hang of it. Then I just gave up. I should try again. The black and white photos are great . . . you really captured the moment--moods and all.
Awesome! I love the way you present your choice of lens. And I think the lensbaby looks interesting :-)
I love the first lensbaby picture and the one where she starts to face away from you - great captured. I also love the depth of field you chose in your images, that makes your cutie and her toy really pop out of the background.

I wish you a creative day.

Kind regards, Trine Lise in Norway
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