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February 14, 2015  •  7 Comments

So it's about time to get my hands "dirty" and put this blog into action! 

I said before I was starting a new project in February and this is it, it is called "10 on 10"! Here is how it works, very simple: I need to post 10 images on my (recently created for this reason) blog each 10th day of the month.

Every photographer or enthusiast knows about the many photography projects out there, like the 365 (where you make 1 image per day during 1 year), the 52 (1 image per week during 1 year), shooting only BW, shooting strangers on the street, macro, ABC's, etc. So 2015 started and with it I wanted to start a new project the get my juices flowing, but I new I couldn't commit with neither the 365 nor the 52... And all the others just didn't click, they seemed too vague... Until a photographer friend invited me to her 10 on 10 circle! Why not? It was a good reason to photograph mini projects just for fun, get to know the very talented photographers in the circle, get inspired with their beautiful work and see their different interpretations of the same theme.

In a parallel universe, as a mom, I see my kids growing in a way too fast pace. I know what you are thinking and I sure was countless times, strongly warned, that they grow in a blink of an eye - and this started when I told the first person I was pregnant, about 10 years ago (and I keep getting these warnings). I knew it. I saw it. But for years I just felt hypnotized by the school-clean the house-homework-cook-clean the mess routine. And this brings me back to the early hours of 2015: this year my oldest son is turning 10! He is no longer a little boy, he will be a teenager soon, he is in between right now! For how long? 1 year? 2? And just like years ago the biological clock started ticking for a baby, a different and loud clock started ticking again, but counterclockwise...

I sure take pictures of my kids, lots of posed ones, but I wanted something different, something that I wasn't doing. To begin with, mommy is almost never in the pictures, so here comes the first challenge: I need to include myself, so in the future they will see me there too (getting old, haha) as they grow up. 

Second: I want story telling pictures, life style, documentary. It's not about those pretty close up with a gorgeous catch light. I want to show what they are doing and why. Their favorite toy; because a few days ago my daughter asked me what was my favorite one when I was her age. How their bedrooms look like because I can barely remember how was mine, or the whole house. I remember we had a big front yard with lots of trees: 2 lime trees, one huge araucaria, one loquat tree with sweet fruits, lots of pine cones on the grass and a big willow tree on one corner where I would spend hours hanging on its leaves. And just one mental picture of this. I want to give them these memories. The little things that they love and make their eyes spark. Again I know what you are thinking, same you who told me that they grow in a blink of an eye: been there, done that! So I know it's cliché and looks like you won't see anything new here. But if feels new, and right, for me.

And after a few days 2015 started I was invited to the 10 on 10 circle, it was a take it or let it go (yes, Frozen is still one of the faves here!). It sounded just perfect for the moment I'm going through, let's mix and match and give it a try! My pictures here might not have the perfect light, the sharp focus, sometimes they will be an iPhone shot, sometimes they will show the chaos in the background. It's just our little world passing fast in front of your eyes.

This first 10 on 10 post is dedicated to Valentines Day.



He doesn't play with his cars or Toy Story toys anymore but loves video games, like any boy his age. Here he is building hearts on Little Big Planet.


She loves her My Little Pony toys, the ones in the center of the heart are the new ones. Guess who bought her them? Her big bro with his own money! Isn't it love?


He loves banana, with chocolate! Today he had them cut in heart shape with the help of a cookie cutter. These banana pictures were taken with a borrowed camera from my friend Kim Bajorek, you can see her beautiful work here.


It was love at first sight when we found this heart shape light string at Ikea! 


Big bro in action again: I was painting her Valentines school box, in a bird house shape because she loves birds and wings, when he saw me and asked to take over. He loves painting, another artist in the family?


The finished "art piece", after her own touch, ready for lots of cards and treats!


His own Valentines box, which looks like a Halloween box for me (guess what, as romantic as his dad), but he just loved it! He is a Spider Man boy and that one is Venom, one of the bad guys. He told me nobody got scared to place valentines on it. 


This year I decided to give a sugar free treat to their friends, so here is the winner: pencils! They helped me to do their cards. My bird lover asked me for "heart with wings", so wish granted! I must add that I was introduced to paper crafting world by my friend Connie Hanks, take a look here at the amazing things she creates!

Like me she has sensitive eyes and is always wearing sunglasses, my stylish girl!


My kids are very affectionate, they are always giving and asking for hugs and kisses. Anytime, anywhere, even at bath time!


Hey! Did you see something wrong? Today is the 14th, I'm a bit late to be posting on the 10th. I also got overwhelmed and posted much more than 10 pictures. And I said I had to be in the pictures... well, I'm still working on this! Again, I'm new to blogging, still learning how to make it look good!


And don't forget! This project is part of a circle of women photographers, where we tag each other so we can see all the beautiful work and keep the circle alive. Click here to start with Bonnie Jakobsen-Martin. Thank you all for having me in the circle!


Happy Valentines! ♥





Connie Hanks(non-registered)
Oh Luca, these are so beautiful! Thanks so much for joining our circle! Your images are always lovely, inspiring, heartfelt, whimsical... perfect! Thrilled to see many more posts from you in the future! You're totally right that the kids are growing so fast...too fast! Our mama hearts were in the same place for this month's post <3 Love it!
PS. Thanks for the crafty shout-out! xoxo
Laura Bastien(non-registered)
So glad you joined the 10 on 10 group! Your images are beautiful. I loved this little glimpse into your life. I can tell you willful righting with the rest of us! Can't wait to see your future entries!
Trini - Trine Lise(non-registered)
I loved it too. What a great idea. My first thought was that you remember your front yard, but not your room or your house - and to me that means that you played a lot outside as a child. In my country, Norway, we played outside with every chance we had :-)

The idea of documenting the childhood of your children is fabulous, I need to do that too - so thank you for the idea. And I guess I have a lot to learn about Valentine´s Day, too :-)

Thank you for sharing :-)
Kim Bajorek(non-registered)
Luca! Thank you so much for allowing us into your beautiful world. What amazing images you create! I've been a fan of your photography for a long time and I'm so glad I will be seeing much more of it here! These are brilliant, and I love how you've included iPhone, DSLR, and images from the Fuji camera! love, love, love these! xo
Kristina Rust(non-registered)
Welcome to the 10 on 10 group! Your photos are terrific. Loved getting a peek into your life and seeing your adorable kids. The Valentine's Day boxes the kids made are awesome!
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