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December 10, 2015  •  4 Comments

It's that time of the year again and we love, love, love! ♥ ♥ ♥

As I said before, Xmas is the kids favorite Holiday and I confess, mine too!

The Xmas tree, all the lights, the songs, the cinnamon scent in the air, cooler days, Xmas cards, school projects and family coming from overseas, no Holiday gets better than this!

Picking a tree itself is already a fun event. I like shopping at the end of the day, when the string lights are lit. This day we had a gorgeous sunset, a mix of shades between blue and pink.

Our tree has lots of stuffed/soft decorations, including birds, for my bird lover ♥

Elf on the Shelf is also a biker

I bet you haven't noticed but that tree is artificial. Hubby is allergic and I can't have a natural tree indoor. So where is the tree we bought? Right in front of my house, with all that it deserves: water, string lights and decoration. By the way, I use recycled coffee capsules, it's my Espresso Xmas Tree!

And last but not least, Xmas is the season of giving. We are having some really nice school projects right now. Today my daughter is doing a presentation about Xmas and her teacher said she could bring something related to give to her classmates. She wanted to give chocolate and together we made these cute Rudolph cards for each one.


My son and all same grade kids are doing teddy bears. Each one brought fabric and stuffing and are doing all the work with the help of their teachers and volunteer moms. I was there this week helping and taking pictures and could see the beautiful work the kids are doing. Teacher put Xmas songs on the background and when "Rudolph" started playing all the kids started to sing along, was so cute I'll never forget this moment! And when all the teddy bears are done they will be given to the Salvation Army, which will donate them to families in need. 

I wish your homes are filled with joy, laughter and happiness this Xmas!

I wish for a world with more love and peace in 2016! ♥

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

This blog post is part of a 10 on 10 circle, please follow along starting with the talented Bonnie Jakobsen-Martin to see how she is wrapping up her year.




Kristina Rust(non-registered)
Love all these photos and your wonderful traditions. You are so clever....the nespresso cups are the perfect shiny ornaments and the Rudolph cards are adorable. And the Teddy Bear Project is such a fantastic idea. I love that your kids' school does that. Merry Christmas!
Luciane, it is so wonderful that you have these traditions and everyone in your family is getting into them and having such a fun time. I absolutely love all the photos you captured at the tree lot--so beautiful and I am sure those will be cherished memories for many years to come.
Wow, your tradition looks so much fun. I love your espresso-x-mas-tree - what a fabulous idea. Your images are really strong and gives a good idea of this season in your home - I wish you and your family all the best for the Holidays, and I also wish you a fantastic new year <3

Lots of Love, Trini - Norway
Hi Luca! It is heartwarming to see these photos. I love your editing. The espresso tree is clever! So glad to see your children involved in giving. Doubly heartwarming!
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