First encounter with the ocean

January 10, 2017  •  5 Comments

It's been a very mild winter in SoCal and we took Ginger to the beach for the first time. 

She is a big baby and we weren't sure how she would react in an open space with so many dogs (and people) so instead of taking her to a dog's beach we went to one where she stayed on leash all the time.

She really enjoyed the sand and wasn't afraid of getting wet in the cold waters of the Pacific.

Still on holiday mode we went to Oceanside with my in laws where we watched another beautiful sunset over the ocean

He is now taller than grandma! He wasn't until July, last time we saw her.


Wrapping up the festive season with s'mores

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Oh my goodness, your doggie is so cute! I've been looking into getting a doodle myself :) And that photo of the S'mores makes me want to build a campfire and snuggle. Such lovely photos and I'm so happy I could join in on y'all's circle. It is a privilege to be a part of such a talented group of ladies!
Kelly Buss(non-registered)
Beautiful photos... Is that a golden doodle? Looking forward to getting to know you more this year.
Kim Bajorek(non-registered)
Luca! So good to see your images. I can't believe how tall your son is! Ginger is so, so cute! I miss you, and I'm in LA now more than San Diego, so I hope we can see each other soon! xoKim
Happy New Year! How nice to have such a mild winter. Our is pretty similar up here in Northern California but we had a lot of rain. Ginger is so cute. She looks like a super happy pup. And isn't it amazing how quickly the kids grow? I love the photo of your daughter in the doorway and of the boats. And your son looked like he was enjoying those amores. Yum!
Trine Lise(non-registered)
Happy New Year, what a super cute dog you have, and I love the name, Ginger :-) So nice to get to know you a little bit more and more from month to month :-) Wish you a great start in this new year :-)

xoxo - Trini from Norway
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