Brazil Part 2

August 11, 2016  •  1 Comment

On the last weekend at my in law's place we decided to go fishing in a nearby small town. We spent some time trying but none of us got lucky...

Since nothing was coming out of the water I decided to go for a walk with my son. We found a jabuticaba tree, a native from Brazil. Its fruits resembles a berry/grape and grows on the trunk.

We found another different tree with large fruits, but have no idea what it is...

To wrap it up our stay in Cornélio Procópio we went to the city's famous landmark for a picture.


Next day we went to Curitiba, the city where I was born and lived for 30 years. Remember it's wintertime and Curitiba is famous for being the coldest capital of Brazil. So most of the time we were staying indoors and seeing relatives and friends. One sunny day we went to a place called Unilivre, in a rough translation the name stands for "Environment Free University", a place created in the 1990's to discuss problems and find solutions to the big cities issues. 


Selfies and things


Although my trip to Brazil lasted 6 weeks and is now over, it was very intense and I have a lot to share. We visited one more place after Curitiba with lots of pictures and I decided to break this post into a part 3 and tell all about it in the next post. So, stay tuned and see you next month!

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Awesome!!!! Looks like you all had lots of fun!!!! Missed this one.... :(
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