April 10 on 10

April 09, 2016  •  2 Comments

Just a few weeks ago we had an unusual Tuesday afternoon. 

I went to the beach to meet with 2 photographers from the circle. Kim is already an old friend but I had the chance to personally meet Bonnie, who lives in Indiana and happened to be here on a business trip.

I took the kids with me who were very excited with a midweek trip to the beach.

It wasn't a warm day for San Diego standards but my daughter didn't waste her time: explored her surroundings, played with sand, water, got dirty and wet!

My son, more quiet, even helped us holding a reflector for some shots :-)



To finish, April 6th is our religious wedding anniversary. Every year on this day we stop for a moment to take a picture all together. It's nice (and scary) to see the time passing and the family growing up.



This blog post is part of a 10 on 10 circle of women photographers. Please follow along checking these amazing images from Laura Bastien.




Bonnie Jakobsen-Martin(non-registered)
It was so great to meet you. Sorry it was so short, but I loved being at the Pier. Wow, you captured some really great photos of you kids--such beautiful light and moods. I wish I was better at photographing people--also, I wish my kids would let me take more photos of them :) Hopefully I will someday be back in San Diego--I am sure there is so much more to see!
Kim Bajorek(non-registered)
These came out great, Luca! That was a fun time -- though very short. Glad you got enough photos to create a post! And your family photo is gorgeous! I particularly love the blue robot! :) xoKim
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