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A few weeks ago we headed to Orlando for another family trip.

My in laws flew from Brazil and we all met there to spend the week together.

First day we visited Kennedy Space Center, in Cape Canaveral, 1h drive from Orlando. We watched 3D presentations, tried a space shuttle launch simulator, took a closer look at Atlantis and learned a lot about being an astronaut.

Then we did 2 days at Universal Studios. For me was the best park! I'm a Harry Potter fan and loved all the rides and being at Diagon Alley. Lines were huge, we spent over 70min standing for one of the rides, but worth the wait! Besides the rides we tried butterbeer, the weird flavored jelly beans and boarded the Hogwarts Express through platform 9 3/4!

This magic wand really works! It comes with a map marking places where you wave it and magic happens!


After 3 days in a row, kids were still happy and supercharged!

Day 4 was Epcot Center, another day with a lot of technology, simulator rides and long walks.

We walked along the pavilions area stopping at some countries.

Day 5: Disney Hollywood. This day was not so intense, which helped us save energy to stay until late to watch Fantasmic.

Audience waiving their smart phones to the music.

Day 6: Magic Kingdon. Amazingly after so many days of parks, long walks, long lines, late dinners, late bedtimes and also a mild jet leg (Florida is 3h ahead of California), we were all very happy (I was worried with the kids), and still had energy for our last day. We had jungle boat tour, flying carpets, haunted mansion, roller coaster and lots of laughs on our day!

Don't stop believing in the child inside you! ♥

It was an unforgettable week of fun and happiness!

Thank you for visiting and the patience with so many pictures, it was an intense week full of photo (and video!) ops and I had so much to share!

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Wow - I am impressed that you managed all this in a week. It looks like a lot of fun, and I love your pictures. It is so fabulous of you to share this with us, makes me want to go to Orlando.
Kim Bajorek(non-registered)
Wow! I'm tired just reading about all you did. I love Epcot and remember having such a great time there. I love that you have video of your daughter laughing/screaming on the roller coaster. What a treasure! Looks like an amazing family trip!
Looks like you had a jam-packed, super fun filled week! Love all the photos and smiles on everyone's faces!
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