November 10, 2015  •  6 Comments

Halloween is the kids second best time of the year, losing only for Xmas.

We like to decorate our home and do a few crafts. Picking up the costumes is also a favorite activity.

We were invited to spent the Halloween evening with some friends in another neighborhood and it was a lot of fun!

Houses were really decorated and lots of them were interactive: you could go inside and see a haunted dinner party, a giant spider jumping on trick or treaters, moving skeletons, a funeral car, creepy sounds and it goes on.

Bad boy hubby


Sven on Olaf's lap with Elsa behind


Lord Vader and his sister, a Pteranodon


Last minute costume: cereal killer


Funeral car with a coffin inside, such a... unique prop


Love the foggy houses!


Dinner is served


Would you prefer a glass of Ghost Pinot or a Troublemaker?


"Live" music


Good bye Halloween, we had a really great time!


And to finish here I am, with a friend, waiting to start a 10k Spooktacular race a week before Halloween, we made it in 1h07min.


Please follow along this 10 on 10 circle starting with the talented Stacey Griffin


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Stacey Griffin(non-registered)
Looks like a fantastic, fun Halloween, and congrats on the 10k!
What a cool halloween - I think you celebrate with such a great effort <3 I would never have thought about an interactive halloween, but now I think I will try to prepare a lot more for next year :-) Thank you for sharing
Erica Muller(non-registered)
It's amazing as you guys celebrating halloween. Awesome. Congrats
I have halloween decor envy, very strong effort! But a dog in costume always takes the cake for me, well done :)
Kristina Rust(non-registered)
Looks like you had a terrific Halloween. Your friends went all out! Love all the costumes and decorations. And good for you for doing that Spooktacular race!
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