Luciane Steiner Photography: Blog en-us (C) Luciane Steiner Photography (Luciane Steiner Photography) Sat, 10 Jun 2017 06:27:00 GMT Sat, 10 Jun 2017 06:27:00 GMT Luciane Steiner Photography: Blog 120 80 June 10 on 10 It has been a busy time with both the end of school year and playing single mom for the past 6 weeks as hubby is in Brazil on an unplanned trip to give support to his dad who is fighting cancer.

A lot has happened around here in this meantime, luckily I have a few pictures to share.

May is the month of my son's birthday, I couldn't let it pass without a celebration so he invited some friends to play laser tag. These boys had a blast!

The weekend after we went to Pasadena for the U2 concert. I invited a friend to go with us since I ended up with a spare ticket. It was a long day with all the driving and waiting under the hot sun, but we all enjoyed and had a great time!

May was also the month for another celebration: Ginger's first birthday! We gave her special treats and a brand new toy, that didn't survive for a picture.

And the weekend after that I ran the Rock'n'Roll 1/2 marathon, it was awesome, I am already looking after running it again next year!

Finally, the last week of school and last homework

Now off to summer break!

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Super Bloom After all the winter rain, spring has arrived with a super bloom at the desert.

It is said that it hasn't been like this since 2005.

So to the desert we went!

I left hubby and kids at home and took a ride with friends at this journey.

We were not sure where to go so we parked at a spot where we saw lots of cars and people.  At this first stop we didn't find much, a few flowers and some cactus, most of them still blooming.

A bit further ahead we found this metal sculptures. There were a big variety of animals and critters and we stopped at the ones we found were the most interesting.

Then we went to a different location, the official super bloom spot at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Not surprisingly we were not the only ones, the car line was huge at every direction and police was there trying to coordinate the flow. We decided to park as soon as we found a spot and walked. 

But we didn't see all that endless field of flowers as we saw on the news. We could kept walking further away to find it but at the scorching desert heat nobody was on the mood, so we were all happy with what we got.

From there we went to another place: Slot Canyon.

It was a bit tricky to find it but we made it.

I fell down on my butt and elbow on my first attempt to hike it down, I confess I'm not a hiker and I was trying to make it with my camera, an umbrella and a water bottle. I almost gave up going down but after leaving my camera and umbrella in the car my friend convinced me to try a different trail. It was worth it! It was nice to see all the formations and trying to guess what was going around examining some rock and water marks. And, it was much cooler down there.

So after the canyon we started to head home and tried to make a pit stop at Julian for some apple pie, again we were not the only ones with this idea and gave up when we saw the huge lines to get into the stores while looking for a place to park. We tried again at some shops on the way near Ramona but they were also very popular. So our only option was to go home.

A few weeks after I did the Hot Chocolate race again, like last year I ran 15k in preparation for the Rock n'Roll Half Marathon in June. Last year I injured my left ankle before the big race and didn't recover on time for it, hopefully I'll make it this year!


To finish, April 6th its our anniversary and every year since our wedding we take a family picture. I have an album dedicated to it on my personal Facebook page showing all the evolution. This year we reached the 15 years mark and included Ginger, our puppy ❤

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Four Seasons The weather has been very eclectic lately, in the past month I've seen rain, cold, haze, fog, frost, wind and sunshine.

It's rained so much that our paved backyard turned green and mushrooms started to pop all over.


Last month Ginger had her first encounter with the ocean, this month she had her first with hail


Then the sun was out again and a friend invited to go hiking to the Potato Chip Rock. I took my best buddy with me!

There was a huge line to climb up the rock for a picture, we decided to skip it for a next time.

But I took a picture of someone else on it :-)

Next day another hiking invitation, this time with gorgeous beach views!


Last weekend I took my daughter to a birthday party where all the girls made a flower crown, now I feel like Springtime!


To finish, a selfie with my other half hair buddy!


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First encounter with the ocean It's been a very mild winter in SoCal and we took Ginger to the beach for the first time. 

She is a big baby and we weren't sure how she would react in an open space with so many dogs (and people) so instead of taking her to a dog's beach we went to one where she stayed on leash all the time.

She really enjoyed the sand and wasn't afraid of getting wet in the cold waters of the Pacific.

Still on holiday mode we went to Oceanside with my in laws where we watched another beautiful sunset over the ocean

He is now taller than grandma! He wasn't until July, last time we saw her.


Wrapping up the festive season with s'mores

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That time of the year Can't believe it is December already and Xmas is all over!

Yes, I LOVE Xmas, it is my favorite time of the year!

I was busy with so many Xmas cards but I'm done now and I can start enjoying the season with my family.

Xmas tree is up with all our favorite ornaments! ⛄

Kids are counting down the days for Xmas and with this interactive calendar the wait is sweeter!

And since we are having colder days nothing better than a hot chocolate in this fun Star Wars mug. The lightsabers light up when you pour hot liquids inside it.

My son is taking digital photography lessons at school so I gave him an old camera to practice and he is really enjoying it. He followed me on all photoshoots I had since then and is making a great second shooter. Also a handsome model :-)

Here is my other favorite model, showing her cheetah face paint after a fun birthday party.

Since we are talking about family, let me introduce you our new family member: Ginger.

Ginger is a miniature golden doodle, we adopted her end of August. She is now 6 months old, 25 pounds and still growing.

She is the reason I've been so busy lately but we are in a honey moon now: she is potty trained, had all her immunization shots, her spay surgery and is free of all sorts of puppies parasites now.

Kids are in love with Ginger, she is such a sweet puppy. 


Thank you so much for those who followed me on my 2016 adventures, it was a great year and I'm looking for much more in 2017! 

🎄 Happy Holidays! 🎄

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Brazil3 After Curitiba it was time to hit the road again, further South, to a small country town called São Martinho.

We went there for a very important event and the main reason why I went to Brazil: to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday!

São Martinho was chosen because that is where he was born and it was closer for most of the relatives that were attending the party.

We arrived 3 days before the party for the final arrangements but had some spare time for fun!

One thing kids love to do when we go there is to feed the carps. This is at a touristic location, famous for the beautifully decorated cookies. Around the shop they built these pools and along you can buy food to throw to them. They are so domesticated that once you get close to the edge they start coming for food.


We had lunch at the party venue restaurant so we could discuss some things with the owner. It's a beautiful place by the local river with a small waterfall.


We went to the cake lady's home to discuss the cake, she wasn't home but the place was also beautiful!


Then we went to my cousin's home for a visit and my daughter when straight to the hen house.


That didn't last too long, soon after we crossed the street and went to the neighbor's hen house, where my daughter and her cousin started feeding the chickens.


She didn't leave with her pockets empty! She grabbed some eggs that she tried to hatch for a few days :-)


But then they found a cattle shed with twin calves


Next to them, sheep with baby sheep so young that they still had their umbilical cords.


This is the closest my son gets to farm animals


Next day the girls wanted to see the baby sheep again, they were uphill at the pasture, where they spend most of the day.


Kids being kids playing with some palm tree parts, I don't know how they are called but they have a canoe shape.


The view from up there is breathtaking!


We also found some trees with pink fungi


Pole lines with lots of birds. Some of them are called João de Barro (John Clay in a rough translation). They are native to Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. Their unique nests are built with clay and look like an igloo.


Sakura at my cousin's property, it was planted years ago and this is the first year it blossoms! 


Well, about the party: have no words to describe it, more than 200 relatives attended! My dad come from a big family, 10 brothers and sisters. I have 63 first degree cousins (I am the youngest, #65). Some of these relatives I see every time I go to Brazil. Some I haven't seen in years. Some I saw for the first time at this party. It was a happy and emotional event, I felt really touched to see how special my dad is to everyone, most of them traveled from far places to be there for him and I know that many more wanted to go but for different reasons couldn't. At the end we all left with the promise to make more family reunions like this.

Me, my dad and my brother surrounded by relatives while they sing a traditional song. Photo courtesy by my talented cousin Kleber Steinbach.


Happy birthday dad! May we have many more celebrations like this! ♥

Photo courtesy by my talented cousin Ricardo Müller



Selfies and things


So this is a wrap for our 2016 Brazilian tour, 6 weeks and 4 different places.

I confess that before going I was a bit worried because of the actual economic situation, pre Olympic games, zika virus, violence but after all we had a really great time and like one says: time flies when you are having fun!

If you missed, here are the previous posts about Brazil, part 1 and part 2.

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Brazil Part 2 On the last weekend at my in law's place we decided to go fishing in a nearby small town. We spent some time trying but none of us got lucky...

Since nothing was coming out of the water I decided to go for a walk with my son. We found a jabuticaba tree, a native from Brazil. Its fruits resembles a berry/grape and grows on the trunk.

We found another different tree with large fruits, but have no idea what it is...

To wrap it up our stay in Cornélio Procópio we went to the city's famous landmark for a picture.


Next day we went to Curitiba, the city where I was born and lived for 30 years. Remember it's wintertime and Curitiba is famous for being the coldest capital of Brazil. So most of the time we were staying indoors and seeing relatives and friends. One sunny day we went to a place called Unilivre, in a rough translation the name stands for "Environment Free University", a place created in the 1990's to discuss problems and find solutions to the big cities issues. 


Selfies and things


Although my trip to Brazil lasted 6 weeks and is now over, it was very intense and I have a lot to share. We visited one more place after Curitiba with lots of pictures and I decided to break this post into a part 3 and tell all about it in the next post. So, stay tuned and see you next month!

If you missed the first part, click here.


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Brazil Here we are again: summer break, 2 overwhelmed kids, LAX, lots - really lots - of people and we are on our way to Brazil.

Since I was going to travel as a single mom (hubby is home working), I decided to go for a direct flight to São Paulo, an expected 12h journey. After 15h, we arrived. Due to fog we couldn't land, had to fly in circles for 1h, had to land in another city to refuel and then proceed to our final destination.

While still in USA many people asked me how is summer in Brazil right now. Well, United States is in the north hemisphere, Brazil is in the south, which means when is summer in one is the opposite in the other, so in Brazil is wintertime now.

Well, not really, not everywhere, even nature got confused and outside looks like... spring!


On our very first saturday we went to a typical Brazilian party called June Festival, a party to celebrate the nativity of St John. I used to attend this party every year until I left Brazil and I wanted the kids to experience a bit of it.

Typical decoration


Enjoying his favorite brazilian snack!


Typical game


Typical costume


After a few days with family and friends get togethers we spent the day in a nearby city famous for its giant things: Itu. So famous that when something is really big, here in Brazil we say that it's from Itu. Kids had fun and were happy to pose after bribing them with giant pens and pencils.

Giant pay phone


Giant chair (and giant pen)


Checking giant souvenirs while wearing giant cap


Another giant pay phone


Giant shoes


Giant cotton bud


Well, the list of giant things go on and on, but while walking around the city we also found some nice spots for pictures.

In front of a local house




Inside the "Museum of Republic"


Street art


We had lunch at a famous german restaurant called Steiner!


After a few days in the state of São Paulo we went to where my in laws live, in the country side of Paraná state. We went to a friends place for a playdate.

Every time we go visit them I take this picture, so I did it again (top) and found the one taken in 2014 (bottom). I also have one from 2011 but don't have the file with me right now.


Catarina, the pet chicken, in 2014 and now


Selfies and things



All pictures were taken with either iPhone6 or Nikon D90 with a cheap kit lens.

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Spring Break Another so much waited spring break came back and with it so many new adventures!

On the very first day my brother arrived from Japan, where he was attending a medical conference, and on his way back to Brazil decided to stop over to spend a few days with the kids.

It was his first springtime here so we couldn't miss taking him to the flower fields.

We had fun getting lost inside the sweet pea maze

Ice cream and spring break: what a perfect combination!

Another new place for my brother was Julian. Luckily we went there on a weekday so parking was easy, we could choose the restaurant we wanted (on other times I had been there we had to eat wherever we found a place to sit) and of course, he tried an apple pie with ice cream! Not forgetting to visit the local shops, with their unique decorations and wide variety of products to see and buy.

Kids being kids when they found these funky chairs in front of this nice local shop.

These were only 2 days of our spring break, we also went twice to Sea World (with 15 roller coaster rides!), went go karting, to Balboa Park, shopping mall, had lunch with friends and many more.

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April 10 on 10 Just a few weeks ago we had an unusual Tuesday afternoon. 

I went to the beach to meet with 2 photographers from the circle. Kim is already an old friend but I had the chance to personally meet Bonnie, who lives in Indiana and happened to be here on a business trip.

I took the kids with me who were very excited with a midweek trip to the beach.

It wasn't a warm day for San Diego standards but my daughter didn't waste her time: explored her surroundings, played with sand, water, got dirty and wet!

My son, more quiet, even helped us holding a reflector for some shots :-)



To finish, April 6th is our religious wedding anniversary. Every year on this day we stop for a moment to take a picture all together. It's nice (and scary) to see the time passing and the family growing up.



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Orlando A few weeks ago we headed to Orlando for another family trip.

My in laws flew from Brazil and we all met there to spend the week together.

First day we visited Kennedy Space Center, in Cape Canaveral, 1h drive from Orlando. We watched 3D presentations, tried a space shuttle launch simulator, took a closer look at Atlantis and learned a lot about being an astronaut.

Then we did 2 days at Universal Studios. For me was the best park! I'm a Harry Potter fan and loved all the rides and being at Diagon Alley. Lines were huge, we spent over 70min standing for one of the rides, but worth the wait! Besides the rides we tried butterbeer, the weird flavored jelly beans and boarded the Hogwarts Express through platform 9 3/4!

This magic wand really works! It comes with a map marking places where you wave it and magic happens!


After 3 days in a row, kids were still happy and supercharged!

Day 4 was Epcot Center, another day with a lot of technology, simulator rides and long walks.

We walked along the pavilions area stopping at some countries.

Day 5: Disney Hollywood. This day was not so intense, which helped us save energy to stay until late to watch Fantasmic.

Audience waiving their smart phones to the music.

Day 6: Magic Kingdon. Amazingly after so many days of parks, long walks, long lines, late dinners, late bedtimes and also a mild jet leg (Florida is 3h ahead of California), we were all very happy (I was worried with the kids), and still had energy for our last day. We had jungle boat tour, flying carpets, haunted mansion, roller coaster and lots of laughs on our day!

Don't stop believing in the child inside you! ♥

It was an unforgettable week of fun and happiness!

Thank you for visiting and the patience with so many pictures, it was an intense week full of photo (and video!) ops and I had so much to share!

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WinterWonderland Years ago when we moved to San Diego my son told me: I can't wait for Xmas to see the snow! Poor little boy, little he knew that we don't have snow in San Diego... I felt frustrated for him.

Years have passed and with them so many winters, so many promises and attempts to go see the snow. 

Then a few months ago one brave friend organized a big group from our circle to spend Xmas together in a hotel in Lake Arrowhead. We didn't think twice to join the party: for the fun with friends, to visit a new place and the high chance to see snow. Together our group booked 12 rooms! 

My dad and my brother arrived a few days before this trip. We have been planning to spend this Xmas together since 2014, way before my dad had his accident (luckily he was able to make it!). Our last Xmas together was in 2007, when my son was only 2 years old and my daughter wasn't even born yet.

We arrived at the Lake on the Xmas Eve. We had a very nice feast, then Santa came and gave presents to all kids. While they were busy with their new toys the adults had a secret Santa game, where we all had a lot of fun exchanging presents.

The big surprise came when we were already back to our room, getting ready to sleep: it started snowing! Quickly we went outside to play, as it all started and ended very fast.

Next day we were off to snow tubing. 

The winding road on the way to the park was beautiful with lots of frozen trees.

The tubing park was full and we had to wait long time in line to get in. But after all we had a blast! And what a legs workout climbing up the frozen stairs again and again carrying 2 tubes every time (one for me, one for my daughter)!



Later that night another surprise: more snow! Again we rushed outside to play and snap some more pictures!

Next day we went to a ski resort but it was so windy they had to close the lifts. The only way to do it was hiking up the mountain. It was 23F (-5C) but because of the wind it felt like 5F (-15C), too cold! We decided to abort the mission but first went to the cafeteria to warm up our frozen bones.

Back to the lake we had lunch and a brief walk around the village before heading back to the hotel.

Spending this Xmas with my dad and brother and such a beloved group of friends made it very special and unforgettable. 

I wish for 2016 that we keep celebrating family ties and friendship in a happy atmosphere like this one was.

In Brazil we say that good things are ephemeral. The holidays are now over, kids are back to school, my dad and brother are back home. But one thing is for sure: these are memories to cherish forever ♥

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Ho Ho Ho! It's that time of the year again and we love, love, love! ♥ ♥ ♥

As I said before, Xmas is the kids favorite Holiday and I confess, mine too!

The Xmas tree, all the lights, the songs, the cinnamon scent in the air, cooler days, Xmas cards, school projects and family coming from overseas, no Holiday gets better than this!

Picking a tree itself is already a fun event. I like shopping at the end of the day, when the string lights are lit. This day we had a gorgeous sunset, a mix of shades between blue and pink.

Our tree has lots of stuffed/soft decorations, including birds, for my bird lover ♥

Elf on the Shelf is also a biker

I bet you haven't noticed but that tree is artificial. Hubby is allergic and I can't have a natural tree indoor. So where is the tree we bought? Right in front of my house, with all that it deserves: water, string lights and decoration. By the way, I use recycled coffee capsules, it's my Espresso Xmas Tree!

And last but not least, Xmas is the season of giving. We are having some really nice school projects right now. Today my daughter is doing a presentation about Xmas and her teacher said she could bring something related to give to her classmates. She wanted to give chocolate and together we made these cute Rudolph cards for each one.


My son and all same grade kids are doing teddy bears. Each one brought fabric and stuffing and are doing all the work with the help of their teachers and volunteer moms. I was there this week helping and taking pictures and could see the beautiful work the kids are doing. Teacher put Xmas songs on the background and when "Rudolph" started playing all the kids started to sing along, was so cute I'll never forget this moment! And when all the teddy bears are done they will be given to the Salvation Army, which will donate them to families in need. 

I wish your homes are filled with joy, laughter and happiness this Xmas!

I wish for a world with more love and peace in 2016! ♥

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

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Halloween Halloween is the kids second best time of the year, losing only for Xmas.

We like to decorate our home and do a few crafts. Picking up the costumes is also a favorite activity.

We were invited to spent the Halloween evening with some friends in another neighborhood and it was a lot of fun!

Houses were really decorated and lots of them were interactive: you could go inside and see a haunted dinner party, a giant spider jumping on trick or treaters, moving skeletons, a funeral car, creepy sounds and it goes on.

Bad boy hubby


Sven on Olaf's lap with Elsa behind


Lord Vader and his sister, a Pteranodon


Last minute costume: cereal killer


Funeral car with a coffin inside, such a... unique prop


Love the foggy houses!


Dinner is served


Would you prefer a glass of Ghost Pinot or a Troublemaker?


"Live" music


Good bye Halloween, we had a really great time!


And to finish here I am, with a friend, waiting to start a 10k Spooktacular race a week before Halloween, we made it in 1h07min.


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Fall It was our last summer weekend, also the last weekend with my in laws in town before them heading back to Brazil. My daughter asked me to go to the park so that's where we went.

It was a warm and sunny day but we could see signs that Fall is just around the corner.

My not-happy-to-pose daughter turning her back to the camera


Or hiding her face


The last oficial picture of the season, hubby was away on a business trip overseas


One week after they left, my sister in law arrived, to spend a few days with the kids. On our only weekend together we decided to go to Los Angeles.

We started at the Griffith Observatory with beautiful night views of the City of Angels. We watched a show called Centered in the Universe at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium but skipped the line for the telescope, which was about 40 minutes wait. 


Next day we went to The Getty. Since the museum is very big and we had different plans for the afternoon, each one of us could pick one part of the museum to visit. I went for the photography but they only had one exhibition called Animalia. My son was disappointed that they don't have a single dinosaur and didn't pick anything to see, was just following along like his dad. My daughter wanted to go to the Drawings & Paintings.

Here is the artist in her creative process


There should be something really interesting about that wall


She spent a lot of time in there, wrote numbers from 1 to 100 split in 10's, here she was at the 80's


Then she wrote names and emoticons :-)


Outside, the museum gardens is gorgeous, full of life and colors!


And my son finally found a nice area to visit: the museum shop! 


From the museum we went straight to Santa Monica Pier, always very busy and so alive!

My daughter saw the ferris wheel and begged for a ride.

Awww, the golden hour!


And to finish we spent our last weekend day at the Universal Studios where we met friends that are also visiting from Brazil and together we had a lot of fun!

Here I am, carrying my heavy camera bag all day long but taking pictures and selfies with my iPhone! (All edited in Instagram)


Thank you for visiting!


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Curitiba I spent the whole month of August away, on an unplanned trip to Brazil, looking after my dad who collapsed due to a blood pressure drop. He suffered a head trauma, memory loss, cuts and bruises.

After spending days in hospital, we started his recovery at home. The first few days were the hardest. He was quiet, listless, showing no emotion.

With little improvements day after day, he got better and stronger.

He still have liquid between his brain and the skull, doctor said it's normal and it could take up to 6 months post trauma for it to be fully absorbed. He also has problems with his short term memory, confuses names and addresses but other than these he is having a near to normal life.

My brother is preparing a new and bigger apartment for both of them move in together. He is 79 and has been living by himself since my mom passed away 3 years ago.

I barely went out during my stay in Curitiba, my hometown in the south of Brazil. But on a sunny day, when dad was feeling well, we took him for some fresh air in one of my city's beautiful parks.

This is the Botanical Garden. The greenhouse on the background resembles the Crystal Palace in London and is one of the city's landmark.


It's almost Springtime in Brazil and the city is blooming!


My brother and dad. His left eye was still a bit bruised


A bit of the city skyline from the top of the greenhouse. Curitiba has a population of 1.8 million people.


It warmed my heart when he started showing affection again ♥

There's also a lake with carps, birds and turtles

This is an Araucaria, the symbol tree of Paraná (State which Curitiba is the capital).

This is how a fully grown Araucaria looks like

These are the seeds

We cook, peel and eat! They are tasty and very popular on wintertime.

Another popular tree and very beautiful at this time of the year: yellow ipê

Here is a fully grown one

It wasn't easy to leave my home and family behind for 5 weeks. Then it was hard to walk away from my dad and come back home. Life can't be perfect. I'm glad I was there.

All pictures were taken with my old Nikon D90 and a 24-55mm kit lens.

Thank you for visiting ♥

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Hawaii Aloha!

This year we finally made it to Hawaii!

We just came back from a 2 weeks dream vacation where we could experience a bit of everything: gorgeous beaches, beautiful nature, volcanoes, waterfalls, rain (yes, here in SoCal we treasure the rain!), starry nights, sea life, tasty fruits and meals, local beer, local coffee, friendly native people, breathtaking sunsets and the list goes on!

As hard to describe it is to pick only 10 images to show our adventure, so don't be mad at me, I'm posting way more than 10!

We started at the Big Island, we were staying in Kona, west side of the island. The hotel itself was amazing but of course we wanted more:


This is a black sand beach, in Punalu'u. The black sand is made of basalt, created by lava flowing into the ocean, very unique!

We tried to do a helicopter tour to fly over volcanoes and waterfalls, we made a 2h drive to the other side of the island for it but as we were checking in at the airport all flights were cancelled due to bad weather. So from there we went to the Volcanoes National Park, where we could see Kilauea. It is active but on daytime you can only see fumes. If you visit at night you can see glow from the lava but at 4000 feet elevation it was cold and drizzling, kids were hungry and tired and we decided to leave.

During a short hike to see the lava tube we found some native birds

Rainbow Waterfall: it was cloudy and we didn't see the mist rainbow.

This tree near the waterfall was huge and so beautiful that I had to ask hubby to stop the car so I could take a few pictures!

This is in Oahu, Waikiki Beach, in front of our hotel, couldn't ask for more!

Food trucks are very popular, we saw a lot while driving around the north shore beaches.

On the north shore I wanted to visit Pipeline Beach, famous for its huge waves that break in shallow reef water. But that is during wintertime, right now the ocean is flat, I saw people swimming and stand up paddling.

Pipeline was the kids favorite beach, we had to go there twice!


Shave ice in Hawaii is as popular as going to the beach and Matsumoto Shave Ice is on top of it! Only because he is on a TV show in Japan (Hawaii receives 1.5 million/year visitors from Japan). Of course we went there to try it. The line was huge and once you get there you can choose from a large variety of flavors. I'm not into sweets/desserts/ice creams but had to try it. For me it was a once in a lifetime experience. I didn't finish mine, neither the kids finish theirs.


Another kids favorite was the Atlantis Submarine tour in Waikiki. It is environmentally safe (the subs are battery powered) and they really enjoyed watching the ocean at 100 feet below the surface. You can see sea life, artificial reefs (to create self-sustaining habitats for fish and marine life in areas once barren of life), sunken shipwrecks and airplanes.

Do you wanna know why underwater pictures are so bluish? Its because water absorbs different wavelengths of light to different degrees. Colors disappear underwater in the same order as they appear in the color spectrum. Red is the first to go, then orange, yellow and green. Remember my hot pink nail polish at the black sand beach? Now it looks purple, and this picture is not so bluish like the previous one!


If you ask me which was my favorite beach this is the one: Hanauma Bay! It was formed within a volcanic cone, today is a protected marine life conservation area and underwater park so you have to pay a fee and watch a video (to learn about marine life and safety rules). We had to get there really early in the morning to be able to park our car in the limited parking lot, it was worth it getting out of bed in the early hours! My sister in law and I spent one hour and a half snorkeling, we saw colorful fish and reefs but just watching the bay from the top of the hill was amazing!




I have many more pictures worth posting here but I'll finish soon. The cameras I used in this trip were my Nikon D800 with a fixed 35mm and only lens, a GoPro Hero3 and my iPhone 6. Pictures from the three of them are here, all mixed up.

Wait! Am I not in any picture? Of course I am... a selfiemaniac!

Hawaii, we love you! Mahalo for these amazing days!

Thank you for visiting and for the patience with this long post!

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Aloha ♥


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Rock N Roll The Rock N Roll Marathon Series is a very popular race in different parts of the world.

Chicago, Seattle, Liverpool, Los Angeles, Montréal, Madrid, Dublin, just to name a few cities.

Here in San Diego it happened on the last weekend of May. 

I registered myself, my son and my father in law for the 5k, just for fun.

With my son running I knew we wouldn't be running all the time and we weren't. But the most important was that we finished without cheating, it wasn't easy for him and he was all smiles when we crossed the finish line (we made it in 43 minutes) and very proud of his medal! He even wore it at school to show it to his teacher and friends. 

Everything was ready on the day before

6:45am and we are in the crowd waiting to start

The trophy!


After all the adrenaline from the race worn off it was time to try my new lens. Exactly, another one! I wasn't planning to spend any more money with lenses but I saw an image from a photographer I follow and fell in love with it! It's very artistic, all manual, it has gorgeous colors & bokeh and it can get really dramatic when you convert to BW. 

And a few more from the same day, same place but different lens

And these are also same day, camera still on hands, after my son's soccer game

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All about him ♥ Remember 2 months ago my post was all about my daughter's? So yes, May is my son's birthday and this post is all about him!

He was born 10 years ago, far far away in Melbourne, Australia. He is a Melbournian, oz boy, aussie, aussie, aussie!

We left the country when he was 2yo so he doesn't remember a thing... For years Australia was hibernating inside him but now he is getting curious, he has been making questions and asking me to tell him stories about our lives while living there.

My husband and I want to take the kids downunder someday, it's a long and expensive project, we decided to start saving to make it possible in a few years.

Meanwhile, here he is, the sweetest boy who made me into what I am today, the happiest mom ever!

Happy Mothers Day! ♥


On our last trip to the zoo I created an Instagram account for him, he was so excited he couldn't stop taking pictures! He had a lot of fun specially with the selfie spots!


Not a selfie spot but it's the Australian Outback! All the time kids were asking to see the 'roos, koalas and the tasmanian devil!


May the 4th be with you! This is how we celebrated Star Wars Day!


He is a big Star Wars fan, we already watched all the episodes twice, can't wait for the new one!


For me swimming is more than a sport, it's a life saving skill. He has been taking swim lessons since he was a bit over 1yo.


Like any boy his age he loves games: video games, computer games, iPad apps. He says he wants to be a video game designer when he grows up.



10 years have gone. We already have lots of stories to tell and many new adventures are awaiting! Now excuse me, I have to go hug and kiss him! ♥ I'm madly in love ♥


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The Fields of Spring Break It's here, it's official, it's Springtime! Spring has sprung!

It's warm (Ha, ha! Tell me something new!), flowers, colors, bees and allergy!

And, spring break!

No school for kids for one whole week and a busy schedule ahead: flower fields, strawberries field, dentist, movies, zoo, playdate, sleepover, theme park, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention that I decided to do a Lightroom Workshop starting this week!

It's bitter sweet, I'm not gonna lie. At the same time that everything is left behind (my daughter is sleeping on her big bro's bedroom because her bed is full of clothes to be folded), I love this extra time to spend with my kids, it's just one week and it goes so fast!

My plan was to have the week covered on this 10 on 10, but our first day was already so nice and fun that it was hard to pick only 10 images from this day alone, imagine for the whole week!

Since this first day was more seasonal and about things we don't normally do, I decided to go for only it!

We started our day at the Carlsbad Flower Fields, it's blooming, rows of flowers by colors. And ranunculus is one of my favorite flowers, I had to buy 2 bunches: I picked the pink, my daughter picked the rainbow!


We took a tractor ride up to the very top!


From the very top of the field



Yay! No bees around!


They are all so beautiful and colorful, hard to decide!


From the flower fields we went to the strawberries field, a very short drive. At the beginning the kids were not very happy with the "U pick" idea but guess what? They loved it! It was fun to "hunt" the perfect ones, easy to find and pull them, bees and bugs free, a bit muddy though (ouch! that reminds me our dirty shoes are still in the garage!). A bit pricey too, $20.00 for the big bucket but you know what? They are so fresh and sweet plus all the experience, it was worth it!


On your marks, ready, go!


Another bitter sweet: yummy strawberries x shoes to be cleaned! And look! There's a bit of me in the picture as I promised a couple of months ago!


At the end he became a strawberry expert!


And to finish, this same day was our anniversary, 13 years ago we got married on the Church with a big party for family and friends. Every year on this day we take a picture, at the beginning it was just hubby and I, now our family is complete. It's nice to see the kids growing up and us growing old. When hubby got home from work I put the camera on a tripod and here we are, the 2015 version of us!


Psst! Don't tell anyone! I forgot to change my son's bright yellow clothes, it didn't match with the rest of us so I converted the image to BW! Our secret OK?!


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